Why the change to our network?

We New Zealanders love our phones. Calling, texting, data - we just can’t get enough of it. To keep up with all of you, we need to turn off our 2G network to make room for better 4G coverage. While most of you won’t notice the change, some of our customers will be affected when we turn off 2G in March 2018.

Will it affect me?

Enter your IMEI number below and we’ll tell you how to get ready for our improved network.
Your IMEI number is 15 digits long and can be found by dialling *#06# or by looking under your phone battery.

Looks like you won’t be affected as you already have a 3G or 4G capable phone, so no worries.
Turn on 3G in your phone’s settings and it should continue to work.
Find a store below if you need help.
Sorry, your phone's no longer compatible.
Find a 2degrees store or pick out a new phone below.
Please contact 2degrees for more information.

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Confused by all these Gs?

Head into your nearest 2degrees store. We’ll answer any questions you may have and help you make the switch to a compatible phone.

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Give our Customer Care team a call on 0800 022 022 or dial 200 on your 2degrees mobile.

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You’re not the only one with questions. See what Kiwis are asking about turning off 2G and get all the answers.

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