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We're having a #GoodChat with Kiwis

We’re having a #GoodChat with New Zealanders to understand how they’re communicating with each other – and to find out how technology is helping and sometimes hindering. After chatting with more than 2000 Kiwis, we’ve discovered some eye-opening facts, so we’ve enlisted the help of some experts to help us explore the findings and how we can learn to communicate better with the people in our lives – from our partners and relatives to our friends, workmates and wider communities. 

Have a listen to our podcasts below – or click here to learn more.

Lifting the hood on Kiwi workplaces

How are our increasingly wired up offices and workspaces impacting the way we communicate with our colleagues? From instant messaging to passive aggressive notes, we lift the hood on Kiwi workplaces to find out. Listen to our #GoodChat in the Workplace podcast below or click here to read more.

Relationships in the digital age – how connected are we really?

Are we hiding behind digital communication? Do we spend too much time on our smartphones? Are Kiwi men as stoic as we think they are? We unpick the findings to look at how we’re communicating with those closest to us. Listen to our #GoodChat about Relationships podcast below or click here to read more.

How and where do Kiwis find community?

Our communities are changing. Community used to mean your family, your mates down the road, and all the people living and working around you. But what does it mean today? How are the new ways we talk to each other changing the ways and places where we find community? Listen to our latest #GoodChat about Community podcast below or click here to read more.

We’re having a #GoodChat about how Kiwis communicate. Because although communication is second nature, we know that sometimes our nature gets in the way. We surveyed more than 2,000 New Zealanders to find out how Kiwis are communicating in their communities.

In this podcast episode, former mayor of Waitakere and champion of Kiwi communities Sir Bob Harvey looks to uncover how Kiwis are communicating in their communities, what’s changing and where it’s all heading.

Dr Anna's Blog

Is it time for letter-writing to make a comeback?

Walter and Adele met each other in a time when letter-writing was commonplace. Today they use this tradition to keep their far-flung family together. What can we all learn from them about taking the time to slow down and communicate meaningfully with our loved ones?

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Is long-distance love what it used to be?

While the decreasing cost of travel has brought the world to our doorstep, developments in communications technology have meant no matter how far you go, you’ll never be apart. What does this mean for our relationships, and how can we use this to strengthen our connections?

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Are connected Kiwis missing out on true connection?

Despite being more connected than ever before, there is a trend toward Kiwis increasingly reporting feelings of isolation. How do we foster meaningful connections in a world mediated through screens? When to we need to remove those screens and be together?

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