We’re having a #GoodChat about Kiwi communities

We’ve had a #GoodChat with more than 2,000 New Zealanders to find out what communities they consider most important to them – and how technology has shaped the way they view their community. The results have been surprising and reflect the changing face of Kiwi communities. It’s not just about having a yarn with your neighbours (in fact, a quarter of Kiwis say their home is just where they live, and they have no desire to engage with their neighbours at all), it’s also about the communities we seek out, be that online, at school or through religion.

We’ve enlisted the help of prominent community figure and former Mayor of Waitakere, Sir Bob Harvey, to look at our findings and lead a wider discussion about how we can enjoy being part of our community in an increasingly connected, digital world.  

Listen to our #GoodChat in the Community podcast to hear Sir Bob discuss our findings with local community leaders or read on to learn more. 

We’re having a #GoodChat about how Kiwis communicate. Because although communication is second nature, we know that sometimes our nature gets in the way. We surveyed more than 2,000 New Zealanders to find out how Kiwis are communicating in their communities.

In this episode, former mayor of Waitakere and champion of Kiwi communities Sir Bob Harvey looks to uncover how Kiwis are communicating in their communities, what’s changing and where it’s all heading.