Sponsorship, Events & Community Initiatives

At 2degrees we’re keen on supporting activities in our backyard. Over the past few years, we’ve got behind a number of initiatives such as iHeart Radio events, Farmers Santa Parade, Highlanders, SKYCITY Breakers and the Blind Foundation just to name a few.

As we get asked a lot, we have created this online form for you to complete and to make it clear what we require from a potential partner. 

Our Sponsorship evaluation criteria

Proposals are evaluated for:
  • Positive exposure opportunities for the 2degrees brand
  • A good fit with our brand
  • Showcases 2degrees and its services in a unique way
  • Opportunities to reward our customers with 2degrees Perks
  • Corporate hospitality and business networking opportunities
  • Assist NZ communities rather than overseas activities or travel
  • Telecommunications exclusivity
So you know, we don’t get involved with opportunities that include: overseas events or travel, liquor, tobacco, gambling, religious groups, individuals or their hobbies.
We review all applications every month and will get back in touch if your request is successful. Requests must be submitted at least six months in advance of to give us time to get truly behind the initiative.
Click here to submit your request.