We’re having a #GoodChat about workplace communication

We surveyed more than 2,200 New Zealanders to find out how we are interacting with each other at work, with the findings exploring the relationship between technology and communication. From passive-aggressive behaviour, face to face vs digital communication, and broaching uncomfortable topics (deodorant, anyone?) our #GoodChat research lifts the hood on how Kiwis are communicating at work.

We’ve enlisted the help of workplace communication expert Vanessa Baxter to unpick the findings and lead a discussion around how we’re talking, what we’re saying, what we’re not saying – and what we could be doing better when it comes to having a #GoodChat with our colleagues.

Listen to our #GoodChat Workplace podcast to hear Vanessa discuss our findings in the context of some real New Zealand workplaces or read on to learn more. 

In this #GoodChat podcast episode, workplace communication expert Vanessa Baxter digs into the findings of our research to explore how our increasingly wired up offices and work spaces are impacting the way we communicate with our colleagues. We hear from Annie Brown, Chief People Officer at Trade Me, and Mike Pollok, Managing Director at Ricoh, who give us insights into two Kiwi businesses at the forefront of integrating new communication tools into the workplace. To offer a different perspective, Vanessa also has a good chat with AUT Lecturer Lennie Hyde who specialises in interpersonal communication in the workplace. Together, they discuss how Kiwis are communicating at work – and what we could be doing better.