Add a mobile number

What does adding a number mean?

Adding a number allows you to link your mobile number to a Your 2degrees online account.  Doing this gives you access to the full range of services available through our website and mobile app including:

-          Adding or stopping add-ons
-          Viewing your usage and payment history
-          Topping up your Prepay account
-          Viewing and paying your Pay Monthly bill 

When do I need to add a number?

If you are registering a new Your 2degrees online account for the first time, “adding a number” is the last part of the registration process and you need to complete this step to view your account online. 

If you have more than one 2degrees number and you want to manage them all with the one online account, you can do this too by adding them one at a time.  This works well for the following scenarios and means you don’t need separate online accounts for each number:

-          You have a phone and tablet with a SIM, or a data-stick
-          You have a business phone and a personal phone
-          You have a main phone and a back-up phone

If you have just signed up to a new Pay Monthly mobile connection through our online store, then you will have the option to automatically add this number to your online account during checkout.

Someone else wants to add my number to their account?

You may have received a text message with an online code.  If you are happy for someone else to manage your account, you will need to provide them the online code so they can complete the registration.  If you don’t know who requested access, you don’t need to do anything, no one can access your account without the code.

If you do want to provide someone with access to your account, please note you will still be able to use your own online account, but you will not be able to use any of our other self-service options such as the Mobile App, our Telephone self-service or adding/stopping value packs by SMS.

I’ve added my number to an account and I didn’t mean to, or I want to reverse it.

That’s easy to do. To reverse a connection you may have made by mistake, or no longer want to continue with, just add your number to your own account.



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