Getting Started on Prepay

1. Get your SIM card and the right mobile

You’ll need a 2degrees SIM and a suitable mobile phone.

If you want to buy a 2degrees handset use our store locator to find your nearest shop or buy one from our online shop.

2. Pop in the SIM card

Carefully take the SIM out of the plastic card and pop it in your mobile (usually under the battery). SIM cards can sometimes be a bit fiddly, check your mobile's manual if you get stuck.

3. Activate your account by calling 200

Call 200 (it's a free call) and follow the prompts, you'll be all set to make calls in no time. You’ll be asked to set a personal PIN and set up voice mail.

4. Check your balance

To get your balance at any time dial *100*1# and your balance will appear on your screen.

5. Top Up

You can Top Up online, with POLi, over the phone, at the dairy or supermarket and using our 2degrees app. Or to make it even easier, you can set up Auto Top Up.

If you have a Prepay Carryover Combo, you can renew it straight from your Credit or Debit Card each month. Check out how with Autopay

If your mobile isn’t behaving as is should, it’s possible the settings aren't quite right. Don't panic, you should find everything you need on the mobile settings page.

Our Customer Care Team is New Zealand based and open 8am-10pm to help you out. Just call us on 0800 022 022


Frequently Asked Questions

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