2degrees Data Hunt

Data Hunting Season is over for now. Thanks to all the Kiwis that came out and played. We'll see you again next season!

Ends 19/02/18. Data charges apply. Terms and Conditions apply.


Using the interactive map as your guide, find 2degrees Data Spots throughout New Zealand. Data Spots are easy to locate as they’re marked by blue 2degrees Data Pins on your map. When you’re near a Data Spot you’ll be able to collect its Data Pin, give it a spin to find out how much free data you’ve scored! All the data you collect will be loaded to your account instantly.

If you’re not a 2degrees customer, you can still hunt data. Just join 2degrees before 06/02/18, and we’ll apply the data you’ve found to your new 2degrees account. You can either request a free SIM through this app, or pick one up for $5 from anywhere selling our SIMs. Or, you can keep your current number, switch it over to 2degrees, and when you open the app your data will be instantly added.


Interactive Map and Data Spots

howtoplay map and data spots

The interactive map will guide you through the gaming experience. Use it to locate over thousands of Data Spots throughout New Zealand. When you’re in a Data Spot you’ll be able to switch to live view mode, this will allow you to collect and spin the Data Pin to reveal how much prize data you’ve found.


Data Pins

howtoplay data pins

Every Data Spot has its own blue Data Pin, loaded with a range of prize data values. When logged in you’ll be able to keep track of your Data Hunt progress, with live updates telling you how many Data Pins you’ve collected and their value. You can only collect from a Data Pin once, but don’t panic, there are over 1,500 Data Pins and you can collect up to 10,000MB of data throughout summer.


Collecting Data Pins

howtoplay data pins collected

Once you have collected a Data Pin it will turn grey, making it easy to keep track of where you’ve been and what’s still out there to collect.


Golden Pins

howtoplay golden pins

Keep a look out for elusive Golden Pins. Golden Pins are different to blue Data Pins, they only pop up for a short period of time and give you larger data amounts. When a Golden Pin pops up on your map it pays to get to it fast, because they don’t stick around for long.


Snap and Share

howtoplay snap and share

Whenever you collect prize data you’ll be able to show it off by snapping and sharing a pic with the Data Pin. We’ll be keeping an eye out and getting in touch with the people who post our favourites, so make sure we can see your post by tagging your photo with #2degreesdatahunt.

If you think your friends will want to join the hunt, you can send them your unique invite code to score double data on your next Data Pin if they start playing.  




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