The games are about to kick off, are you ready?

*Having trouble with your Rugby World Cup Stream? Go to help.

The Rugby World Cup is almost here. This year how we watch will be a little different, with games streamed over the net. So we thought a short and simple guide to streaming the tournament might come in handy. Remember, you don’t need to switch broadband providers to get amongst the action. We’ve got you covered if you’re with 2degrees.

Catching the games

There are a couple of ways to get behind your team. Every All Blacks game will be broadcast free to air on TVNZ 1 (seven of them live and five on a one-hour delay), as well as a few select international games. If you want a front row seat at home for all the games, for the first time, all the Rugby World Cup 2019 games will be streamed online, live and on demand through Spark Sport. If you’re a bit more social there might even be a pub or sports club near you showing all the games.

Rugby World Cup

You don’t need to switch teams

If you do go down the Spark Sport route, the good news is it’s available for everyone with an internet connection, no matter who your broadband or mobile is with. Just pop along to the Spark Sport website and grab yourself a Tournament Pass or Match Pass. You can grab one any time before kickoff and you don’t need to be with Spark broadband.

Luckily you have a good team behind you

We know the NZ broadband network is going to get a run for its money come game time, so we’ve invested heavily in our broadband service to make sure you get the best possible streaming experience.

Talk to me about the free to air games

TVNZ 1 will be showing 12 of the 48 games free to air (seven of them live and five on a one-hour delay), including all the All Blacks’ Pool games and knock out rounds. Ding! Ding! Ding!

Below a quick run-down.

Rugby World Cup
  • Friday 20 September – Japan v Russia – Live
  • Saturday 21 September – New Zealand v South Africa - One hour delay
  • Saturday 28 September – Tonga v Argentina – Live
  • Wednesday 2 October – New Zealand v Canada – One hour delay
  • Friday 4 October – South Africa v Italy – Live
  • Sunday 6 October – New Zealand v Namibia – One hour delay
  • Wednesday 9 October – Fiji v Wales – Live
  • Saturday 12 October – New Zealand v Italy – One hour delay
  • TBC - NZ's Quarter Final, (We have a hunch we’ll get through) – Delayed
  • Saturday 26 October – Semi Final – Live
  • Sunday 27 October – Semi Final – Live
  • Saturday 2 November – Final – Live

Check out all the matches 

If you’re all about the All Blacks and don’t mind a one-hour delay, the free to air screenings will be sweet for you – but if you want more games and live coverage, you can check out Spark Sport or your local pub / sports club.

What to do if you need help

In life, and rugby, things don’t always go to planned. You’ll need to know who can help if things go wrong. Before you get that far here are a few simple things you can try to troubleshoot for yourself.  

  • If you can access other websites but not Spark Sport, you’ll need to talk to Spark Sport for help. You can also call them direct on 0800 792 787.
  • If you can watch Spark Sport on your PC but not on other devices, you’ll also need to talk direct to Spark Sport at
  • Is your modem plugged in correctly with the correct Solid Power and Info lights on? Check our modem set up video if you need help.
  • Are your devices connected to WiFi? Don’t know how? Check out our video for help
  • Have you got the correct login details for Spark Sport? If you’re not sure, go to for assistance. 
  • Have you got the right Pass? You need a Rugby World Cup Pass to watch the games, remember the standard Spark Sport Pass doesn’t include Rugby World Cup matches. If you’re unsure about your Pass, go to for assistance. 

Still need help?

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. But to make sure you’re getting in touch with the right team we’ve broken it down below. If it’s anything to do with your broadband service, we’d love to help. But for problems on the Spark Sport side, you’ll need to get in touch with them.

Chat to Spark Sport if…

 You’re having trouble accessing Spark Sport content, but your broadband is working. See if you can access another website. If you can, your broadband’s probably not the problem and it’s likely an issue on the Spark Sport end.


Spark Sport can help you with things like:

- Unable to log in or forgotten Password

- Can’t access content you are expecting

- Streaming not working as it should


Get social with Spark Sport


Chat to 2degrees if…

There’s an issue with your broadband service which is preventing you getting on to Spark Sport. To simply check, try a few other sites, or try playing a video from YouTube. If you can’t then it might be a problem at the 2degrees end.


This could be things like:

- Broadband not working

- Slow speeds

- Intermittent connection


Get social with 2degrees or call us on 0800 022 022, select option 9.


And remember – if we are experiencing  any issues, you can visit the Service Status page to learn more

Visit the 2degrees Service Status page